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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Women At War

Mrs Elizabeth Robertson,  Dundee
My memories of Wick are mostly pleasant. We had some good times there. I was there with the WRAFs on the aerodrome. Along with other girls who worked on the telephone exchange. Six lived in a nice council semi, type of house. Attached to the drome was a building near the harbour called the Air Sea Rescue - who did good work in saving lives. At that time Wick Harbour had many boats and was a thriving fishing port.

To the right of the pier were a lot of steps with a fish shop at the top. I remember going there often to buy 'smokies' to send home. My family loved them. We found the Wick people very friendly. The RAF station the same. We got to know everyone. I have happy memories of my time there.