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Mr Andrew Grant
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East end Boys Football Club has a long history as can be seen from the older photographs.  they have a large number of teams playing in the county and regularly win competitions.  Training sessions take place every Saturday.  Coaching and training suitable to the age group is organised.  Parents and many individuals volunteers to run the club.  The club have their own club premises and changing rooms.   Anyone with an interest in football or young people are encouraged to give some time each week or help the club in any way they can.

There are many pictures of teams from East End Boys Football Club.  Most do not have names.  If you are looking through the galleries or have a copy of any pictures with names we would be happy to get an email from you with the names of people in the pictures.

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Seven a sides competition
Sunday 24 September 2000

If anyone has more information on team members we will be happy to add it to the pages. 
Just contact bill@caithness.org