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11 March 2008
AGM 2008
Bower Young Farmers held their AGM on Tuesday the 11th March, 2008 in the Bower Community Centre. Office-bearers elected were as follows:

Honorary Presidents: Tommy Sinclair, George Cormack & William Finlayson
Vice Presidents: Avril Henderson, John Finlayson & George Sinclair
Club Leader: John Mowat,
Chairman: Neil Brims,
Vice Chairman: James Barnetson,
Junior Vice Chairman: Ranald Angus & Laura Sandison,
Secretary: Erin Coghill,
Assistant Secretary: James Steven,
Minute Secretary: James Steven,
Treasurer: Ranald Angus,
Ladies Convener: Sonia Brims,
Speechmaking Trainers: George Cormack, George Sinclair & William Finlayson,
Stockjudging Convener: Stuart Mackay,
Sports Conveners: Daniel Sewell & Eddie Beatie,
Press Secretary: Erin Coghill & James Steven,
Scrapbook Convener: Emma Shearer,
Tea Conveners: Ranald Angus & Laura Sandison.

Club Results:
Best Member: 1st Lesley Oliphant, 2nd James Barnetson, 3rd Equal Ranald Angus & Helen Ryrie.
Best Junior: 1st Ranald Angus, 2nd Sonia Brims, 3rd William Barnetson.
Best Female Member: 1st Lesley Oliphant, 2nd Equal Helen Ryrie & Sonia Brims.
Best Stockjudger: 1st Equal James Barnetson & Karen Oliphant, 3rd Equal William Barnetson & Lesley Oliphant.
Senior Baking: 1st Karen Oliphant, 2nd Helen Ryrie, 3rd Lesley Oliphant.
Junior Baking: 1st Erin Coghill, 2nd Sonia Brims, 3rd Joanne Ryrie.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Young Farmers or wishing to join should contact either Neil Brims on 01955 661243 or Erin Coghill on 01955 621692.

8 March 07
Bower Young Farmers AGM 2007 Report

Bower Young Farmers held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 6th March in Bower Community Centre. 

Office Delegates were elected as follows:  Honorary Presidents;  Tommy Sinclair, George Cormack, and William Finlayson.  Vice Presidents; Avril Henderson and John Finlayson.  Club Leader; John Mowat.  Chairman; John Macaulay.  Vice Chairman; Neil Brims.  Junior Vice Chairman; Ranald Angus.  Secretary; Lesley Oliphant. Assistant Secretary; Laura Sandison.   Minute Secretary; Laura Sandison.  Treasurer; Neil Brims.  Ladies Convenor; Sonia Brims.  Speechmaking Trainers; George Cormack, William Finlayson and George Sinclair.  Stockjudging Convenor; James Barnetson.  Sports Convenors; Daniel Sewell and Michael Sutherland.  Press Secretary; Karen Oliphant.  Scrapbook Convenor; Erin Coghill.  Tea convenor; Karen Oliphant.

Prizes for the year were handed out as follows:
Best Stockjudger:  1  James Barnetson, 2  John Macaulay, 3  Karen Oliphant
Best Female Member:  1  Karen Oliphant, 2  Lesley Oliphant, 3  Carrie Macadie
Best Junior Member:  1  Will Barnetson, 2  Michael Sutherland,  3  Carrie Macadie
Best Member:  1  Karen Oliphant, 2  James Barnetson,  3  John Macaulay
Senior Baking:  Karen Oliphant,  Junior Baking:  Sonia Brims

Bower YF are holding their next meeting on Tuesday 1st May 2007, 7.30pm, in Bower Community Centre.  New members are always welcome and anyone wishing to join should either come along to the meeting or contact John Macaulay on 07760281843 or Lesley Oliphant on 01955641322.

20 November 05
On the 5th of November in Perth Auction Mart, Bower YF had a team competing in both the national cattle dressing competition and the national sheep dressing competition. Brothers, James and Will Barnetson from Lynegar took part in the national sheep dressing but were unlucky not to be placed.  James Barnetson and Stuart Mackay took part in the cattle dressing. They secured their place in the national competition by coming first at both the district and north region eliminations and did extremely well to be placed 3rd as there was some very stiff competition. Karen Oliphant, chairperson of the the club, said "On behalf of Bower YF I would like to say how proud we are of the team. To come 3rd out of the whole of Scotland is an amazing achievement, very well done."