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Ackergill Tower  

Ackergill 25 November 2005


The Village From Above

The Duck Decoy

Ackergill Area From the Air

Sunny Day At Ackergill

March 2001

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The earliest lifeboat house still in existence is in Ackergill and dates from 1878.  the lifeboat house was designed by William Brims an archtect and built on land donated by Mr F Duff-Dunbar of Hempriggs and Ackergill Tower.  It closed in 1932.

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Planes can occasionally be
 seen landing at Wick 

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The slipway at the harbour dates from 1910 and is ferro-concrete and was the first of its type to be constructed in the UK.  The lifeboat used to be hauled by horses from Wick to Ackergill shore until 1878 when the lifeboat was setup there.

Map of Area
Ackergill Village Hall
Ackergill Bowling Club