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A farming area on the coast with great views.  
There is a museum formerly call the "John Nicolson" but is now the
"Viking Centre".   Digs have been carried out on the beach at Freswick and details are to be found at he Centre.

Sited nearby is a Broch still watching over the Pentland Firth after all the centuries.  The Brochs belong to a period much earlier than the vikings.


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A Nicolson Statues Site

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auckengillhut.jpg (34720 bytes)
Old Fisherman's Store
How long till they have all disappeared?

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Black Sheep can be seen on
 many Caithness farms

auckengillview6.jpg (40085 bytes)
Looking to pier at Auckengill

broch6.jpg (43004 bytes)
The Broch still clearly visible
 after nearly 2000 years

broch7.jpg (36479 bytes)
View from Broch

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Inside The Broch

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auckengillpostoffice.jpg (36116 bytes)
Sub Post Office and Petrol

Auckengill Village Hall