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The village built in 1839 formed a square of longhouse cottages.  the cottages on the west side have disappeared possibly being used for rubble for the road that passes by.  the cottages were built to house tenants from the estates of Broubster and Shurrery.  One of the houses remained occupied until 1960.  Each house had its own byre/stable.  Doors opposite each other assisted with winnowing to remove chaff from grain.  The small pieces of cultivated land are still clearly visible from the field walls surrounding them.   Land was provided but it is probable that tenants constructed their own houses.

Broubster Forest Walk January 2002

Broubster Leans
Broubster Leans is one of the most important sites for wading birds in the north and has become a nature reserve looked after by RSPB following a fund raising campaign.
The March 2008 North Scotland Newsletter of RSPB describes Brobster Leans as follows "Broubster Leans is a rich and beautiful wetland that has developed on the floodplain of the Forss Water 7km west of Thurso.  The delicate balance of pasture, fen and wetland that has established over the centuries of human interaction with the land, makes Broubster an exceptional area despite it being one of the toughest farming environments in the UK."
"The site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Sppecial Protection Area (SPA) and S[ecial Conservation Area (SAC).  Traditional farming, particularly extensive cattle grazing, has been essential in maintaining the mixture of habitats.  Throughout the year hen harriers, rwite and short-eared owls are present, greenshank, golden plover, lapwing, snipe, redshank and common sandpiper breed on the reserve in summer months and, in winter, it serves as a refuge for twpo hundred Greenland white-fronted geese and up to 80 whooper swans. the elusive spotted crake and rare water vole are also found on the nature reseve."
"The new reserve comprises 200 hectares land purchase, with a further 100 ha under management agreement, roughly one fifth of the total wetland area at Broubster."

Caithness Field Club Outing to Broubster 26 August 2000

Survey of an Unrecorded Stone Setting near Broubster from Caithness field Club Bulletin October 1973

Broubster and District Educational Records from Caithness Field Club bulletin October 1980