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Canisbay War Memorial

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Canisbay -
A small scattered community with a nineteenth century church used occasionally by the Royal Family as it is not far from the Castle of Mey which was owned by the Queen Mother and is now open to the public.

Inside the church which is open to the public is a memorial to Jan de Groot who started a ferry service to Orkney in 1496.  The church also has a graveyard surrounding it and a detailed list of who is buried there is available for consultation in the entrance.

Canisbay Primary School

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Papel, Canisbay
The church at Canisbay

Post Office and Bed & Breakfast
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Canisbay Youth Hostel
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Graveyard - Canisbay Kirk
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Canisbay Church Page

Downtown Canisbay
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Still burning peat -
formerly the main fuel

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Quiet streets surrounded
by beautiful countryside.

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Older buildings are often
part of upgraded houses

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Modern Housing
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 Animals enjoy a great view
  of the Island 0f Stroma  

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      Stroma Pages

Medical Centre
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Ordnance Survey Map ref - ND 267355