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8 October 06
A Kirkular Tour Of Castletown

These photos are from a recent walk around churches past and present around the Castletown area.  Muriel Murray of Castletown Heritage led the walk and imparted a lot of information about the various sites and churches beginning at Olrig cemetery where St Trostans kirk of 1633 one of the early churches stands.  It is believed that the site was used in even earlier times.  An interesting look around the cemetery where many interesting gravestones are to be found and behind one a fabled site of a selkie burial.  In Castletown walkers were allowed in to see the present day Church of Scotland church on the main street.

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Castletown Heritage
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Castletown  Map

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Church of Scotland
Castletown Primary School
Olrig House Near Castletown
Castletown Football Club

Public Hall 1867

Views From Behind Castletown Main Street

McIvor & Allan
House And Shop Of
The Once Famous Chip Carvers

From Olrig Hill Overlooking Castletown To Dunnet

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Into Castletown from Wick

Queen's Jubilee 3 June 2002

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Youth Club

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Planes That Flew From Castletown In World War Two

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