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Newton Hill Community Woodland
Woodland Now
Closed For Health and Safety Reasons

Photos Gallery
Over 50 photos taken of the Community woodland on 21 July 2005

Friends Of Newtonhill Woodland
New community group formed to look after certain aspects and develop the woodland as a community asset.  Anyone is welcome to join the group or volunteer for occasional work in upgrading or improving the facilities at this new woodland in Caithness.

Contact, Highland Ranger
Bruce Building, Sinclair Terrace, Wick
TEL 01955 607758

Anyone wishing to volunteer for the committee should contact The Highland Ranger Service.
This is your chance to help shape a Community Woodland for the future.

newtonhillwoodlandsign.jpg (45308 bytes)
Information Board

tableswickwoodland.jpg (41700 bytes)
Tables near entrance

openspace.jpg (33286 bytes)
Space for future trees

woodland1.jpg (42892 bytes)  
Older planting area round the old dump.

woodland5.jpg (43130 bytes)

woodland2.jpg (43379 bytes)
Myriads of wild flowers using the open space before trees appear.

woodland3.jpg (40913 bytes)

woodland4.jpg (39417 bytes)
Pictures taken on a dull day 30 July 2000
Bill Fernie