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Skirza To Duncansby Walk

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Duncansby Head is well known locally for the lighthouse, the stacs just near the cliffs and the teaming birdlife especially in the nesting season.  Often called "Seabird City" the cliffs provide huge numbers of seabirds with the necessary ledges and shelter to provide for chicks and ensure safety.  Luckily the way the cliffs meander there are great vantage points to view the tens of thousands of birds during the nesting season.  They are just far enough away to feel safe and remain undisturbed by onlookers and yet with binoculars it is easy to see everything in detail.  Even without binoculars it is quite a spectacle as birds come and go non stop in the season to feed the chicks. 

Beach At Duncansby

Boars Of Duncansby

North coast Marine
Trip To Stacks

Rpyal Observer Corp Post Duncansby Head

From North Coast Marine

Geo of Sclaites

17 July 2001

17 July 2001


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Skerries Light In Distance

17 July 2001

Ledges Provide Nesting Space

17 July 2001

17 July 2001

Stacks From North

17 July 2001
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Geo of Sclaites
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