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A-Z of Caithness Places

The country round Forss is truly beautiful and it is no surprise that people chose
this area of Caithness to build their homes, country houses and farms.  Close to the sea
but with the feel of a more inland area with a country hotel sitting on the river beside an old mill.
See Forss Mill Restored As At 26 January 2002

Forss Mill

12 February 2002

Forss Country House Hotel

Old Farmworkers Houses

Flag Wall


Bridge Over Forss River

Just a couple of  pictures as we have not yet had time to get round Forss.  Until a few years ago an American base was sited at Forss.  The base is now a ghost town and locked up.  Base now acquired by a company working on decommissioning contracts for Dounreay.

forrsbase.jpg (36112 bytes)
View of base from gate

forssbase2.jpg (42512 bytes)
End of the road

forssbase3.jpg (43351 bytes)
Sign still uninviting

dounreayfromforss.jpg (32080 bytes)
Dounreay Nuclear facility
seen from Forss

Do not confuse Forss with Forse