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Highland Council Local Plan For Halkirk (2002)

It seems possible that Halkirk may have first been started due to its proximity to Braal Castle which stands in the woodlands on the west bank of the Thurso river.  The name Halkirk may be taken from the Norse Ha-kirk-ja meaning High Church.

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2014 Big Halkirk Photo Gallery

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Halkirk Highland Games 2015
Halkirk Gala 2015

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Halkirk Gala 2014

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Halkirk Gala 2013
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Halkirk Gala 2012
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Halkirk Gala 2011

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Halkirk Gala 2010
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Halkirk Gala 2009
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Halkirk Gala Fancy Dress 2008
Halkirk Gala Week 7 - 14 June 2008

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Halkirk Gala 2006 - Children's Races
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Jessie Paul 100 Years Old 11 January 2002
Halkirk 2001
Halkirk Gala Fancy Dress 2001 
Stroll River June 2001

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                                                                                                        Old Parish Church Halkirk

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  Picnic Area              Riverside Walk       Ross Institute          Thurso River  
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Thurso River 6 Jan 2001

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                                                                                 Post Office
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Halkirk Rush Hour     Commercial Hotel

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                                                           Church of Scotlland - Halkirk & Westerdale Page

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                                                                                 Halkirk War Memorial
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Thurso Combination - The Poorhouse