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John O'Groats

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John O'Groats is the furthest village from Land's End on the British mainland - a full 876 miles separates the two points.  The name derives from Jan de Groot, one of three brothers who arrived in the area in 1496 with a commission from King James 1V to operate a ferry between the mainland and Orkney.  The area is still very much a farming and crofting area.  The small harbour is mainly used by lobster and crab fishing boats.

A passenger ferry still runs from John O'Groats to Orkney during the summer months and you can take a day tour of the islands.  The ferry company also run daily wildlife tours round the cliffs and Stoma.  A high speed jet boat does trips round Stroma or over to the Stacks of Duncansby - an exciting speed trip stopping to let you see the sites. 

There is an interesting craft complex at John O'Groats comprising knitwear, candle making, a pottery and a satin craft studio.  There is also a small museum called The Last House.

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The Road to John O'Groats -
Caithness has lots of space to drive in.  

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John O'Groats - 1926
The most northerly point of the journey made by Claude Friese-Greene in 'The Open Road' is John O'Groats, where an elderly gatekeeper shows the way up to the entrance of the famous John O'Groats Hotel.

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More Pictures Of North Coast Marine Adventures

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History of John O'Groats

John O'Groats Mill 1901