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Rumster Forest

From Forestry Commission Leaflet
yes a place full of history. From the car park there are several forest roads that head deep into Rumster Forest.

In the south of the forest there are the remains of two ancient brochs. The one at Golsary is a fine example of a fortified tower about 2000 years old. The other broch lies close to the old farmstead at Rumster where people would have lived before the first trees were planted in the late 1940's.

Originally much of Rumster Forest was planted with pine and spruce trees. Many of these trees are now being cut down to be replaced with a greater variety of trees including larch, birch and rowan.  We are also opening up better views and clearing space around the large number of archaeological features in the forest. You may spot several of the old farm buildings, longhouses and crofts as you walk around the forest. Roe deer are common in the forest as are buzzards and other birds of prey. The TV mast which dominates the forest is 232 metres(754 feet tall).

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Rumster Forest is controlled by The Forestry Commission in Scotland and is part of Dornoch District
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Dornoch Forest District
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Forestry Commission

21 January 07
Caithness Field Club First Walk Of 2007 At Rumster Forest
Field Club members set out on their first walk of 2007 on beautiful morning with the sun shining.  The small amount of now was crisp underfoot and made ideal conditions for walking along the tracks of the forest. the forest has a large number of long houses and some are easily visible at the old crofting village of Golsary.  Many of the houses were lived in until 1947 when it was all taken over for forestry.  At Golsary a broch sits behind on of the houses.  One of the houses also has a fine example of a drying kiln.  The walkers also took quick look at the burnt out remains of the Rumster Outdoor Centre that had been unused for some years and was burnet down in 2006.  The walk that was just over 4 miles took about two and a half hours and members made it back to the cars just as the first icy rain of the day made an appearance  - perfect timing. 

17 September 03
More Rumster Forest Routes For Horses And Others
Here is is some handy information for horse riders and others looking for access to the Rumster forest area and where to go.

16 September 03
Education Outdoor Activities Public Consultation

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