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Scaraben & Smean

Caithness has very few hills but at the border of Caithness and Sutherland lie two well known hills.  The views are magnificent on a clear day.  As with all high places good clothing and footwear is advisable.  Although fairly easy to the top for fit people these hills can easily be shrouded in mist in minutes.  Always tell someone where you are going.  The area has no people for several miles and you should ask permission at the estate keepers house before proceeding.
The way in to the these hills is at
Berridale.    Caithness Field Club and The Ranger Service occasionally lead walks to these hills.  Expect to see herds of deer, Buzzards and the odd eagle.  Many other wild birds inhabit the area.

Scaraben From Smean
April 2002

Smean Summit
April 2002