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Stone Rows Of Caithness Archaeology

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Stone Circles Of Caithness



Caithness Stone Circles Photo Gallery

Achavanich stone circle is the best known and features in many articles , magazines and books.  However Caithness has other stone circles that like the many neglected stone rows lie hidden in the landscape for those who with a little extra effort can find these places that must have been well known to the ancient peoples of the area.

The circles are out numbered by the many stone rows but as several have been discovered in recent years perhaps other stone circles lie hidden in the peat and heather.  this is quite likely as much of the Caithness peat bog is undisturbed by anyone for most of the year and is seen only by animals.

An interesting day can be had visiting the stone circles and wondering what their purpose might have been.  Theories abound but perhaps you will have your own once you have stood in the circles.  Like other places in Caithness they have a magic all of their own and if nothing else a nice day out with much food for thought.