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In these pictures it is easy to imagine an ideal life.  But think about the bad weather in winter and the struggle to survive that after all those centuries came to an end in the twentieth.  In summer boat trips take passengers on short trips round the island for great views and site of the varied bird and sea life.  Where are the hundreds of people and their families?  Where did they go?  They went to mainland Caithness, to the Highlands, to America, to Canada, to Australia and to many other places belatedly following other people in the past who through poverty or eviction left to build a better life.  Now it may have been different.  There was no public funding when they left to assist communities as there is today.  The only assistance was to help them leave.

The island looking north towards Orkney

One of many crofts now abandoned

The community covered the island

Abandoned equipment awaits lost crofters

Some larger groupings of out buildings

Looking over cemetery to mainland Caithness

Church Intact

A memorial
                Stroma Lighthouse