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An outdoor swimming pool located on the coast past the former coastguard station near Wick

This outdoor pool cut into the rocks was the swimming pool for many a hardy Caithness generation.  Still cleaned out each year by volunteers and painted white it is still a cold dip even in summer.  Old pictures show throngs of people swimming there in the summer months.  The pool lies on the outskirts of Wick past the old coastguard station.

Trinkie In The Breeze

Trinkie In Winter

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Friends Of the Trinkie And the North Baths

Trinkie Midsummer Barbecue A Big Hit 21 June 03
Ian Sutherland and his Trinkie Volunteers brought off a very successful barbecue fundraiser to make some cash to repair Wick's outdoor swimming pool.  This famous landmark was once again ringing with fun and games and kids swimming in the newly painted pool.   Well done to all concerned........................


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