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People work in all sorts of Jobs in Caithness like everywhere else..  the predominant work was traditionally in Farming and Fishing and it is still very important.  But a glance through the Caithness Business Pages will show you that there are many other industries nowadays.  Tourism has gained over the last 30 years but since the 1950's the dominant change has been the nuclear facility at Dounreay.  With over 2000 people employed either directly or on contract it is a major factor in the local economy.  But other industries have surprised visitors to Caithness.  The largest producer of Freezers in Europe is located at Castletown where they have built the business from nothing to what it is today.  Wick is home to Grampian Records which has an amazing capacity to turn round big orders for tapes for the music industry anywhere in the UK.
So here we will start to put together a few pictures of where people work in Caithness.  No particular order  - just as we get to them.

Prompted by a special request from Russia we are starting with Caithness Glass and Houston's restaurant in Wick. The proprietors of Houston's retire in two weeks time. - 30 December 2000
Gardeners - Thurso Simrad Kongsberg
E & M Engineering  
Houston's Restaurant

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