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Jenny Stewart has been writing poems in Caithness dialect for a number of years and she often reads them aloud at shows and local charity events.

Many thanks to Isabelle Thurley (nee Bruce) who has undertaken to type up several of the poems and send them to us.  Thanks are also due to Nancy Rosie for her help in setting up the earlier poetry pages.

Jenny has also given us permission to put on a few of her poems from a tape she made recently for charity.  Audio files will be added here in the near future.  Jenny recorded a few of her poems to let people here the Caithness dialect. 

From Jenny
As a child I was often made to feel conscious of my native tongue by people commenting on the fact that I spoke 'broad Week'.  Wheras I am fluent in Queen's English on paper, proper English is not something that I feel at home with orally.  I usually end up 'putting my foot in it' so to speak!

A gradual influx of Southerners seems to be putting paid to our native dialect as it was once spoken and Caithness is now quite a cosmopolitan broth-pot of accents.  We seem to be losing our distinctive Caithness sound which is a great pity as it's part of our heritage, so nowadays I'm rather proud of my 'home-grown' accent.

We're waving goodbye, sadly, to a great many of our old words which were unsurpassed in their ability to convey exactly what they meant.  A few of them still crop up in conversation among some of our more senior citizens and I must admit that my ears are like radar-traps in their ability  to pick up these words and store them for future reference.

Being hand-reared on Caithness dialect by locally born parents it was inevitable then, while playing around with words and composing verses (a talent which I attribute to my late father who never let a birthday pass without penning a silly verse onto my card) that I would revert to my natural tongue to do so.

Christmas Long Ago


E Moose

Ma Easter Bonnid

Yin Bloomin' Rain

Raindrop Blues

Haggis Heuchs

Reply Till E Toast


Christmas Parties

In Praise O A Hot Water Bottle

Oh For Dry Pavements

Cowld Protection

Silver Spoon And Sweyty Sock

Startin e School

How Do Moarnanes Affect Ye?

Sunday School Picnics

Spring Cleaning  

Reflections On E Kirk

E Two-forty Five At Hempriggs

E Ball

A Triflin Tale

Ma Mam

Fit New

Ma Kaitness

Ma Sister