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North East Caithness

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Polling Stations - Street Names

Britannia Hall - Dunnet

Brough, Dunnet
Burn of Rattar, Skarfskerry
Burn Road, Scarfskerry
Charlston, Barrock
Corsback, Dunnet
Coupers Cottage, Barrock
Crossroads, Dunnet
Dunnet Head, Dunnet
Dwarwick Place, Dunnet
East Greenland, Castletown
Greenland, Castletown
Greenland Mains, Castletown
Greenvale, Dunnet
The Ha’, Dunnet
Ham, Dunnet
Heathfield, Dunnet
Hill, Dunnet
Hill of Rattar, Dunnet
Hunspow, Dunnet
Inkstack, Dunnet
Kirkstyle, Dunnet
Lighthouse, Dunnethead, Dunnet
Lochend, Barrock, Dunnet
Lochside, Dunnet
Lower Greenland, Castletown
Marymas Cottages, Dunnet
Moss of Rattar, Scarfskerry
Ness, Dunnet
Newlands, Dunnet
Rattar, Scarfskerry
Rattar Mains, Scarfskerry
Reaster, Lyth, Wick
Seaforth Place, Dunnet
Seaview Cottages, Dunnet
Shore Road, Scarfskerry
West Dunnet, Dunnet
West Greenland, Castletown
Wester, Brough, Dunnet
Westside, Dunnet
Whitebridge, Scarkskerry

Canisbay Hall

Barrogill Mains, Mey, Thurso
Brabster, Canisbay
The Breck, John O’Groats
Breck Cottages, John O’Groats
The Broo, John O’Groats
Castle of Mey, Mey, Thurso
Duncansby, John O’Groats
East Canisbay, Canisbay
East End, John O’Groats
East Mey, Mey, Thurso
Gills, Canisbay
Harrow, Mey, Thurso
Heatherbell Cottages, John O’Groats
Houston Drive, Canisbay
Huna, Canisbay
John O’Groats

Kirkstyle Road, Canisbay

Lower Gills, Canisbay
Lower Warse, Canisbay
Mains of Warse, Canisbay
Mansefield Cottages, Canisbay
Mey, Thurso
Mill of Mey, Scarfskerry, Thurso
Newton, John O’Groats
Phillips Mains, Mey, Thurso
Roadside, John O’Groats
Royal Crescent, Mey, Thurso
Scarfskerry, Thurso
Seater, Canisbay
Slickly, Lyth
Stemster, Huna
Tanghead, Scarfskerry, Thurso
Upper Gills, Canisbay
Upper Warse, Canisbay
Warse, Canisbay
West End, John O’Groats
West Mey, Mey, Thurso

Keiss Ammenities Hall -
igh Street


Braehaed, Keiss
Coolhill, Keiss
The Cooperage, Keiss
Freswick Mains, Freswick
Hawkhill, North Keiss
High Street, Keiss
Howe, Lyth
Howe Cottages, Lyth
Keiss Castle, Keiss
Keiss Mains, Keiss
Lower Quintfall, Lyth
Main Street, Keiss
Mid Keiss, Keiss
Midtown, Freswick
Myreland, Lyth
Nicholson Cottages, Auckengill
North Keiss, Keiss
Nybster, Auckengill
Robertson Crescent, Keiss
Ruthers of Howe, Lyth
Skirza, Freswick
Skirza Head, Freswick
Skirza Road, Freswick
South Keiss, Keiss
South Street, Keiss
Stain, South Keiss, Keiss
Tofts, Freswick
Upper Quintfall, Lyth
Upper Quintfall Caravan Park

West Howe, Lyth


Bower Community Hall - Brabsterdorran

Alterwall, Lyth
Barrock, Lyth
Barrock House, Lyth
Barrock Mains, Lyth
Crossroads, Lyth
East Kirk
Ha of Alterwall, Lyth
Hastigrow, Bower
Hecken, Lyth
 Lochside, Lyth
Milton, Lyth
Myrelandhorn, Kirk
North Lyth, Lyth
Sackville, Bower
Seater Bower
Smithy Farm, Lyth
Sortat of Lyth
Stanstill, Bower
Tails of Kirk
Upper Hastigrow, Bower
West Kirk, Lyth
West Lyth, Lyth

Reiss Hall

Ackergill Mains, Ackergill
Ackergill Tower, Ackergill
Biggins, Killimster
Bilbster Station, Bilbster
Brims Cottages, Reiss
Dunnet Square, Reiss
East Harland, Reiss
Harland, Reiss
Harrold Cottages, Reiss
Hill of Wester
Lower Gillock Farm
Lower Reiss
Nordwall, Reiss
Nordwall Park, Reiss
North Bilbster Farm
North Killimster
Old School, Killimster
Plover Place, Reiss
Quoys of Reiss
Reiss Lodge, Reiss
Roadside, Reiss
Sibster Cottages, Sibster
Thisledo Caravan Site, Reiss
Wester Loch
Whitefield Farm, Reiss