ca-canny go carefully
cadge to acquire
cadger travelling salesman
calf-seck straw mattress
cam came
catchet caught
chantie potty (chamber pot)
chap to knock
Cherlie-piper oystercatcher
chiel man
clairtie dirty
clarter gossip
clapshot mixture of potatoes and turnips
clash to gossip
cleverfeets rabbits
clipped cheeky
clocher to cough
clock beetle
clocker nesting hen
cluer to wallop
clype scratch, annoy
Coaster dweller south of Wick
cock's ee ring around the moon
corbie crow
could iron salmon
cown weep
crabbit bad tempered
craw to boast
creel basket
creepie milking stool
croodie or crowdie

a kind of rather crumbly soft cheese

croon to hum
cry to name
curr to touch gingerely
currag forefinger