scaff to beg
scarf cormorant
scart to clear off
scon flatten
scoot squirt
scour diarrohoea
scorrie an old seagull
scutch to hurry about
semmit vest
sharn dung
shochad peewit
silkie seal
skail to spill
skelp to slap
skint to splash
skirl to screech
skulder jellyfish (usually the red jellyfish)
skutch to walk quickly
smeurach dead embers
snaw snow
sneeter snigger
souch to breathe heavily
sproug sparrow
stairve to be cold
staive sprain
stoon not in good mood
stoor dust

a disturbance, uproar

Strannie Gutter  at side of pavement
stravaig gallivant
strechten to straighten
stroosh hurry
swack fit and supple
sweir reluctant