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Press Statement
Issued 22 September 2000

Health Council Affirms Equity of Service in Caithness
At its meeting in Wick on 21/9/00 highland Health council reaffirmed its commitment to equity of health services throughout the highlands.  Chair of Highland Health Council, Margaret Thomson said, "Modern medicine requires that hospital staff have up to date skills and access to all modern equipment, but it should not be at the expense of an uneven distribution of services.  As a Health council we will always work for the best interests of all communities throughout the Highlands".

Jim Macadie and Elizabeth Smith local members for Caithness said "The Health Council is a powerful forum to ensure that local views are heard and we will always make sure that the interests of people in Caithness are heard".

Highland Health Council is concerned that current media debate suggesting closure is being considered is inappropriate and not based on evidence.  this nay have the effect of undermining the current service and cause unnecessary anxiety for some pregnant women.

So far as maternity services in Caithness are concerned Highland Health Council is not aware of any closure plans.  We have arranged to meet with representatives of Health Board and Trust to clarify this situation, and we have every confidence that the interests of the public will be addressed.

Highland Health Council are based in Alness and can be contacted on
Tel 01349 883444
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