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Kite Buggy Photos

Aerial  Views Of Caithness


Kite CAM
Aerial Views Of Caithness With A Difference

25 July 08
Kite Cam View Of Castle Of Old Wick

18 July 07
Kite Cam Photos Taken At Braehead, Wick

1 January 07
Kite Cam Photos
Regulars to Caithness.org will know that we have often featured the great wind opportunities that exist in Caithness for kite flying.  Grant Golding who has been to Caithness many times with his kites has now taken up photography using kites and some of the results will be shown here.

This new section will show just how practical kite flying can be with occasional additions of photos taken in Caithness with a camera suspended from a kite to get pictures that would only otherwise be possible from a plane or a helicopter.  Obviously a kite is much cheaper proposition.

Details of the kit required etc will be added for those folk interested. Whilst it is not straightforward to set up and you require to have some skill at kite flying essentially anyone could do it.  The basic equipment consists of - kite, digital camera, rig to hold the camera and remote controller similar to remote controls for flying model planes.

So if you see a kite in the sky it might just be taking photos for the web site.

What It Looks Like From The Rig
Another short film to show what it looks like from the camera rig floating under the kite.

Kite Used Was A Sutton Floform 16

Kite With Rig Attached

Kite Aerial Photography - Simon Harbord
Here you will find lots of links and photos such as the Orkney sites
Brooxes Better KAPix
Kite Aerials - Simon Harbord
Kite Aerial Photography - Scott Haefner  - 360 degree photos
Turn the photos around by using left click and drag
Kite Aerial Photography - Charles C Benton


Elaine & Grant's Photostream
Includes several kite cam photos from Caithness among several pages.

Wick From North School


Here are some views of Wick taken from out past March Road looking over the cemetery and the new shopping complex opened in 2006. Photos 2, 3 and 4 show where the infrastructure for a new housing development by M M Miller has been going in for the past  year.  New homes will shortly begin construction on the site.  You can easily see that the landscape in Wick is definitely changing fast.

Yarrows Broch
These unusual views from above help you see the layout of the broch somewhat better than our previous photos taken from ground level.

Short TV Film About Kite Aerial Photography

 Weekend Projects-  Make A Kite Aerial Photograph - By Bre Pettis