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From Peter Strathearn
Added 9 December 07

From Various Contributors
New additions 9 September 07

From Hamish Gunn
Francis Street, Wick
High St, Wick - Looking East

From Alex MacManus
Wick High School c1910 Wick
Riverside Wick
High St, Wick - Looking North
Ackergill Tower - 1930s
Argyle Square, Wick - 1930s
Wick Playing Fields 1930s
Riverside Wick 1920s -
Posted To Golspie 29 August 1935
High Street, Wick - Looking West - 1920s
Wick Views - 1930s
Wick Playing Fields -1930's

From Maureen Materi, Canada
Maureen Materi's Miller Family History

Maureen Materi Collection

Added 24 April 04
Wick Harbour
Dunbeath Harbour
Dunbeath From Hotel
Dunbeath Castle
New Bridge, Dunbeath
Bridge Street, Wick
Dunbeath Hotel In Winter
Canisbay Church

High Street, Wick - High Street look E., Wick - postmark - May 11, 1908
Riverside, Wick - Postmark 1908
Who Are These Folk?
Old Man Of Wick - August 1906

Old Man Of Wick
sent to Mr. David Miller c/o Mrs. McBean, 35 Meltone Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland from his brother Nigel Miller, from Wick in approx 1904.
Bridge St. Wick - postmark, Wick, Mar 4, 1904
Bridge Street, Wick - Postmark 1906
King's Funeral Procession to Parish Church, May 20, 1910
Wick Lifeboat Day, Jan 2, 1912

Francis Street, Wick 1908
Caithness Cottage, Dunnet 1904
Argyle Square, Wick 1904 or 1905  See 43 Argyle Square
The name Allie written on the postcard was Maureen Materi's grandmother and points out her house in Argyle Square
Dempster Street, Wick Approx 1904
Girnigoe Castle, Wick - 1904

Haven't gotten a clue what this means - Sent to Mr. D. A. Miller, c/o Mrs. Macgregor, 16 Melville Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. Mailed from Wick from Argyle Square on 16 Sept 1904. If any Macgregor recognizes names or address, please get in touch with me. It appears, we are related.
If anyone has an explanation for the cartoon please email [email protected]
Answers by email not on a postcard so far  -
12 May 2003 from Colin Munro
I was looking at your old Caithness Postcards and I think I know
what the "Auld Free Kirk" postcard it referring to. In 1900 the Free Church united with the United Presbyterian Church to become the United Free Church.  A minority did not go into that union and continue today as the Free Church of Scotland. I think the Postcard is referring to the fact that most of the Old Kirks assets went to the newly formed United Free Church.  The date of 1904 is exactly right as the House of Lords gave all the Kirks assets to the "Auld Free Kirk" in August 1904, this decision was changed at the Appeal in 1906, it's all rather complex so here is a good link.
There is also a good book which I bought in D.R. Simpsons last summer Title;
 "Highlanders:A history of the Gaels" by John MacLeod