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Old Schools In Caithness
This section will have material added as it comes to hand.  Anyone who wishes to contribute is welcome to send in information about schools, buildings etc for inclusion.

Dunbeath School Now a heritage centre
Dunnet Parish School

Dunnet Parish School was built in 1864 and the date is set in stone above the door.  The building is now a private residence.    The house has been extensively re-modernised inside but the classroom at the back remains surprisingly as it was and some of the old items such as books, maps and other educational material has been handed on from owner to owner.  There was another school at Dunnet called Dunnet Sessional School and is shown on the 1870 - 1872 Ordnance Survey Map
Freswick The school is now the Freswick Village Hall

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Houstry School
Killimster School
Lanergill School   Map
Latheron School
Lybster School
Lyth Lyth School is now Lyth Arts Centre
or its official name, as written on the prize books, Barrock Public School
Mey First School & Schoolhouse    Mey Second School
The schoolhouse was the schoolhouse for both schools
Nybster  Now used as the Viking Centre Museum
Ousdale School

Sarclet School
Spittal The old Spittal school has been the Spittal Village Hall for some years.
Stemster School
Strathy School and Schoolhouse
Thrumster School

Academy School was originally in the current Assembly Rooms

Ousdale School

Lybster School

Opened as the Alastair Pilkington Glass Studio
on 4 July 2002

Dunn c1948