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Last Postbus Reaches The End Of The Road - The Scotsman
The final trip of a post bus in Scotland took place on Saturday 19 August 2017 on the route between Lairg and Tongue in Sutherland.

All The Stations Pair Arrive At Wick After 104 Days
"All The Stations" pair Geoff Marshall and Vikki Pipe -19 August 2017
Bill Fernie went to meet Geoff Marshall on Saturday 19th August 2017 as they arrived at the final station - Wick after 104 days in their quest to visit all of the railway stations in Britain.  Bill gave them a msall Caithness flag to celebrate their final station - number 2563 - Wow.  They have videos all along their route and kept up an endless stream of photos and contacts on social media. The bouncy enthusiastic pair have carried their selfie cameras all the time and constantly made short film clips to be edited into very professionally edited films for their Youtube Channel - All The Stations.  A great record of what the statiosn and indeed the railways are liken 2017 and well worth dippiing in to see their little films.  They are still ediitng the final ones so keep watching.   Photos at Wick
Jame Stone interviewed for light hearted politics programme
Meet the MPs is an ambitious online series which will introduce the colourful new personalities who have recently joined Westminster's green benches following June's General Election. Each episode features a quick-fire Q&A with an MP from the 2017 intake. Why is this different? In short, it is the questions that they weren't expecting (we weren't always expecting the answers that came back either). The episodes are fun and informal while also revealing more about the new voices in the Commons.
Telephone Box At Reay - Photos Taken Before It Finally Disappears
Telephone at Reay is no moreTelephone at Reay has gone
The phone at Reay telephonebox has gone and at some point the actual box may be removed so a few photos for future reference to add to those taken 15 years ago in 2002.  More telephones  are going and BT has proposed now to take out half the remaining boxes.

Our Story - Dounreay - BBC Radio Scotland 1.30pm Today
Or catch it later on iplayer

Dounreay's Oldest Reactor To Be Demolished
DMTR to be demolished
It is 60 years this weekend since the first criticality was achieved in Scotland using a test rig at Dounreay. Now the decommissioning team responsible for the site is marking that milestone by taking a major step towards demolishing the oldest reactor that remains at the former fast reactor research centre. Companies are being invited to bid for a contract to demolish the iconic Dounreay Materials Test Reactor (DMTR) which became Scotland's first operational reactor in 1958. DMTR, which was built with steelwork weighing in at almost 600 tonnes and stands on foundations more than 25 metres in diameter, tested the effects of irradiation on metals and was the only reactor on the site to use heavy water instead of liquid metal as a coolant.

Scotland's Baby Box available nationwide
Baby Boxes Launched
All babies in Scotland due from today 15 August 2017 will be gifted a box full of essential items aimed at tackling inequality and promoting health. The boxes are a strong signal of the Scottish Government's determination that every child, regardless of their circumstances should get the best start in life. Each Baby Box contains a large number of items which are not only practical but designed to help tackle inequality and improve health. The box itself also doubles up as a safe sleep space, awarded British Safety standard accreditation as a crib for domestic use.
Ravenskald Writers Workshop - Book Your Place Now
GEORGE GUNN 12th September 2017 - 17th April 2018 Tuesday Evenings 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Join poet and playwright George Gunn on your personal creative journey from the poem, through the short story to the formal destination of the stage play. In these 16 workshops we will look at how poetry generates story. From that beginning you will explore the requirements of short narrative fiction. From the short story, you will move on to the demands of public storytelling which is the business of the theatre. Ravenskald is a new venture. The group will develop creativity through interaction, constructive criticism and mutual support. All you need is the desire to dream, to create, to write.

Sandside - New Photos
Sandside, Caithness - August 2017Sandside, Caithness - August 2017
Hard to beleive but it is almost 17 years since we took the last set of photos of Sandside in November 2000

Wick Swimming Pool Timetable Starts Today
School summer holidays end this week and the new timetable has started so check your swimming times before you head over to the pool.  Get a High Life Card - -Save 10% at Castle & Gardens of Mey with High Life Highland

Thurso Swimming Pool Timetable Starts Today
Check the times for swimming before you go.     Get a High Life Card- Regular user make great savings

New Probationer Teachers For All Parts Of Highland
New probationer teachers for Highland August 2017
One hundred and forty two probationer teachers who are on the Teacher Induction Scheme and a few probationer teachers on the Flexible Route were recently welcomed to the Highlands.  Of the 142 probationers on the Teacher Induction Scheme, 58 have been allocated to secondary schools and 84 to primary schools in the Highlands.

Bats At Thrumster Woodland - Evening Walk
Bat night at Thrumster Woods

Gold Panning With The Rangers - You Never Know What You Will Find
Gold Panning At Helmsdale
The gravels and sediments of the Kildonan Burn are salted with small concentrations of gold in the form of tiny granular flecks, and the very occasional little nuggets sometimes combined with quartz. The Helmsdale river valley offers a sheltered and pleasant route to the banks of the Kildonan Burn, signposted as Baile-An-0r, the Gaelic translation of Town of gold.

Reay - A New Photo Set Of The Village Taken On Saturday
Reay Village Hall - 12 August 2017The Shop at ReayChurch at Reay

See photos of Reay from 15 to 17 years ago HERE

A few Old Reay School class photos HERE
Highland Council Assurance On Concerns About Wick Campus
Assurances on Wick Campus by Highland councilHighland Council has written to the Wick Stakeholder Group, Wick High School Parent Council and Newton Park Primary School Parent Council to provide a statement of assurance regarding the new Wick Campus facility.  The Campus is a fantastic facility and a tremendous asset for the Community. We believe that all stakeholders can now look forward confidently and with pride in one of the best public facilities in the Highlands. The Council looks forward to welcoming pupils back for the start of the new school year.

Halkirk Highland Games 2017
Halkirk Higland Games 2017Halkirk Highand Games 2017Halkirk Highland Games 2017Halkirk Highland Games 2017

North Lands Creative Looks to the Future
Northlands Creative Looks To The Future
Recently re-branded North Lands Creative (Formerly North Lands Creative Glass) has successfully completed a re-structuring and held an international conference ahead of an exciting new programme of activities. Located in the delightful village of Lybster, Caithness the organisation is planning a colourful, vibrant and engaging programme of workshops, classes and exhibitions on the Lybster campus, complimented by associated events that include bite-size tours, studio talks, curator/ artist in conversation events, workshops and schools visits.
Wick Gala 2017 Children's Fancy Dress  - More Photos Now In
Wick Gala 2017 Children's Fancy DressWick Gala 2017 Children'sFancy DressWick Gala 2017 Children's Fancy DressWickGala 2017 Childrens Fancy Dress

Wick Gala 2017 - Summer Show Photos From Assembly Rooms Today
Wick Gala 2017 Summer ShowWick Gala 2017 Summer ShowWick Gala 2017 Summer ShowWick Gala 2017 Summer Show

Another Batch Of Photos For Wick Gala 2017 From Alistair Sinclair
Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017

More Wick Gala Photos From Noel Donaldson Added - 628 Photos Now In
Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017

See previous years galas, games and shows HERE

Wick Gala 2017 Fun Run
Wick Gala 2017 Fun RunWick Gala 2017 Fun RunWick Gala 2017 Fun Run

Wick Gala 2017 - Second Batch Of Photos Now All In - 599 Photos Now In
Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017

Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017

Wick Gala 2017 - The Gala Queen Crowning, Floats and Walkers
Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017

Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017Wick Gala 2017

A beautiful day in Caithness carriedon to the evening for great Wick Gala night.
Mey Highland and Cultural Games - Saturday 5th August - At John O'Groats
Mey Highland and Cultural Games
Come and join in a family fun day out at John O'Groats. Packed full of events, exhibitions and things to see and do including Highland Dancing, traditional Pipe and Drum Band, track and field events, a dog show, a classic car parade and the world famous Tug of War! The kids can enter the egg and spoon race, the three legged sprint or a sack race. If thats too energetic theres a bouncy castle and a creche too! Alongside the fun and games there will be loads of local arts, crafts and food stalls. PLUS for the first time, an adult only refreshment zone featuring beers from The Black Isle Brewery, whisky from Wolfburn Distillery and a cocktail bar hosted by Rock Rose Gin and Holy Grass Vodka.   Check the Facebook page for other changes to this years Mey Games
The Big Day - Saturday at Caithness County Show 2017
Caithness County Show 2017 - SaturdayCaithness County Show 2017 - SaturdayCaithness County Show 2017 - SaturdayCaithness County Show 2017 - SaturdayCaithness County Show 2017 - Satruday

Caithness County Show 2017 - Friday Photos
Caithness County Show 2017Caithness County Show 2017Caithness County Show 2017Caithness County Show 2017Caithness County Show 2017

Caithness County Show 2017 Starts Tonight
A chance to get a an early look at the county show is always available on Friday evenings before the big day on Saturday.  On Saturday the gates are open very early with judging of animals underway by 8.00am.  As always a huge programme of events and things to see at Wick riverside with the show ending about 6.00pm to be followed by the Dance in the evening in the Norsemsan Hotel.  Caithness County Show Facebook Page
Snap a bit of Highland Heritage - Photo Competition
Photo Competition for Archaeology Week
Planning is already underway for the Highland Archaeology Festival, the huge celebration of Highland heritage which takes place in October, organised by The Highland Council. New this year is a chance to capture a bit of Highland Heritage in the HAF2017 photographic competition. The competition invites people to submit one or two pictures which celebrate Highland archaeology, history or heritage. Highland Council Archaeologist Kirsty Cameron explains: "It could be a monument in the landscape, a building, an object in a museum or people enjoying our varied heritage - there's so much to choose from. We've kept it simple, with entries invited from under 16s and over 16s."
Latheron Show 2017
Latheron Show 2017Latheron Show 2017Latheron Show 2017Latheron Show 2017Latheron Show 2017

Latheron Show 2017 - Saturday 8th July at West Clyth Farm, Occumster
See information on the Facebook page.

Beatrice Highland Partnership Fund Open For Applications From 3 July 2017
Beatrice Fund now open for applications

Community Groups can now apply for funds from the Beatrice Highland Partnership fund. Grants are available from £10,000 to £50,000.

Lybster Gala 2017
Lybster Gala 2017Lybster Gala 2017Lybster Gala 2017

Canisbay Show 2017
Canisbay Show 2017Canisbay Show 2017Canisbay Show 2017

The National Roadshow in Caithness: Lego broch builds up to July unveiling

Replica Red Phone Box By Dounreay Apprentices For Memory Garden
Dounreay Apprentices Replica Phone Box
Apprentices at Dounreay have designed and made a life-size replica red telephone box for the Town and County hospital therapy garden in Wick. It was designed and built at Dounreay, near Thurso, in Caithness with the help of experienced tradesmen at the site.

Elise Lyall School Of Dance putting on a show for Wick Memorial Garden
Wick Memorial Garden
The Elise Lyall School of Dance fundraising event takes place at Bank Row, Wick, on Saturday, July 1, 2017, from 10.30am to 12.30pm. All proceeds go towards maintaining the memorial garden.

Although it will be a day of fun and entertainment, it will also be an occasion for remembrance as July 1 is the anniversary of the bombing of Bank Row in 1940 when 15 people were killed. Three others lost their lives in an air raid at Hill Avenue in October the same year, and the memorial garden commemorates all 18 victims.

Wick High School Trip To Germany and Poland Photos

Wick High Pupils Excel In National Maths Competition

The Arrival Of Tia in Thurso

are proud to introduce to you our mascot, TIA. Tia was designed by young creative genius Scott Hughes from Miller Academy primary school. Thanks Scott! Tia arrived to Thurso by train and we gave her the guided tour. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with Thurso and she can't wait to celebrate with you all on Saturday 24th June and Sunday 25th Jun, let's show her an awesome warm welcome at Thurso's Midsummer Madness !

Caithness & North Sutherland Fund's latest grant awards
Caithness and North Sutherland Fund
Caithness & North Sutherland Fund's latest grant assessment round has awarded over £17k to community projects throughout the Caithness & North Sutherland area. The Caithness Broch Project was granted £10,000 towards costs of holding a Caithness Broch Festival, consisting of a programme of participative archaeological activities that will be held throughout the year focusing around two selected Caithness broch sites.

Bloodhound Rocket Car Competition Won By Tain Team
Bloodhound Rocket Car Compeition winners 2017Bloodhound rock Car Competiotn 2017 - Finalists
A team of students has won the Scottish Championship in the Bloodhound Rocket Car Competition after qualifying in a heat held at North Highland College UHI, Thurso. The team of four girls, from Tain Royal Academy, set the fastest speed out of 32 teams from across the country at the Scottish Finals held at Perth College UHI. Molly Mackay, Mollie Lauritsen, Orla Young and Aimee Milne, were one of only two all-girl teams competing. Thurso High School, Wick High School, Farr High School, Tain Royal Academy, Golspie High School, Dornoch Academy, Stronsay Junior High School and Sanday High School, involving over 170 students, participated in the experiential learning activity. North Highland College UHI staff shared pertinent engineering concepts that helped students design their cars, and college staff conducted competitions at Thurso and on Sanday, Orkney.
Capita  - Register For jobs At Dounreay
Wednesday 21st June  - Thurso and Wick - Check times the page.
Wick Voices Tell Their Stories On Aspects Of Life Gone By
Wick Voices
The Wick Society's oral history section, Wick Voices, is generating a lot of interest in the community. The project was launched in 2016 with the aim of preserving local voices for posterity. It involves a small team of volunteers arranging audio interviews with local people from all walks of life about their memories and stories. The recordings are then edited and uploaded to the Wick Society's website, allowing existing and future generations to hear about many aspects of local life, past and present, as told by those who experienced it.

Caithness Heart Support Group 2017 AGM
Caithness Heart Support AGM 2017Caithness Heart Support 2017 AGM
IN her valedictory address as Caithness Heart Support Group's patron, Anne Dunnett, paid tribute to the organisation's commitment, at their AGM, recently. The Lord Lieutenant, retiring from public life, later this month, said she had "never seen such a dedicated bunch of fundraisers who care so much for people that need help" and added: "It is a great team they have here, and I have been honoured to have been a small part of it." Miss Dunnett told an 'encouraging' turnout at the St Fergus Church Hall, that, thanks to advances in technology and good doctors and nurses, the chances of survival from heart attacks, had improved.                                     Photo Gallery

IT Project For Rural Payments Ends But Significant Issues Remain
The applications process has improved, but there are still problems with making payments. The Scottish Government will need to incur further costs to develop the IT systems used for payment applications and maintain existing processes.

Farm Tenants Improvements Amnesty - Use It Or Lose It
Changes in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 - Tenants' Improvements Amnesty: Farm Advisory Services events will say "use it or lose it".
Struan Mackie Speaks Out On Caithness maternity and care in your community
Struan Mackie - Conservative Candidate speaks out on Caithness maternity
In The final days to the Westmisnter election Struan Mackie has announced his 'Care in the Community pledge' campaigning ahead of the general election. "Many voters have asked what my number one priority would be if I am fortunate enough to be elected on the 8th of June. Whilst every candidate will have a range of issues they wish to address as a Member of Parliament... one cause transcends them all for me. As a Highlander I am incredibly worried about the future of the Far North and I believe that we must provide care in our community as a non-negotiable aspect of living in the UK's most northernly mainland constituency.
Scottish Chamber Orchestra in Thurso
Come see "one of the finest ensembles of its kind in the world today" (BBC Music Magazine) in Thurso! The Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) will return to Thurso High School for a wonderful evening of live music, featuring SCO Principal Clarinet Maximiliano Martín as soloist.
WHEN Friday 9 June - Thurso High School, 8pm

Caithness Communnity Partnership
Caithness Community Partnership
The Caithness Community Partnership comprises Highland Council, HIE, Police, Fire and NHS Highland.  The Highland Community Partnershop web site will contain a growing amountof information and memebrsof the public are welcome to attend meetings.  The next Caithness meeting is on WEdnesday 7th June at 1100am on Wednesday 7th June in Dunbeath Village Hall.  The partnershipi s one aspect of the localism agenda being pursued by Scottish government and public bodies.  Highland council has been preparing for more decisions to be taken locally at local area committees such as the Caithness Committee and was agreed by the last council to be taken forward after the May election.
Thurso's Midsummer Madness Weekend - 24th to 25th June
Thurso midsummer madnessThurso Midsummer MadnessThurso's Midsummer Madness

Keep Up With Caithness Health Action Team On Facebook
Caithness Health Action Team
The CHAT members have growing number on their Facebooks page.  You can help by liking and sharing so that the widest audience is made awareof the group's activities to retain health services in Caithness.  Watch out for the latest Postcard campaign and sign one for delivery to Scottish Government.   2260 and rising fast......
Apply Now For Engineering And Construction Employability Essentials Summer Programme
Employability Summer Programme 2017 - Apply Now
North Highland College UHI are inviting applications for the Engineering and Construction Employability Essentials summer programme. The course is now in its fourth year and run in conjunction with Skills Development Scotland. Successful candidates will study at the North Highland College UHI's Engineering, Technology and Energy Centre (ETEC) for five weeks from Monday 10th July. The course aims to help young people by providing essential training, skills and knowledge to progress into employment within the engineering and construction industry. The elements of the course have been carefully selected with local employers to include nine industry standard training and certification as well as key skills in engineering and construction.

John Hugh Dunnet - Obituary

Anne Leitch Dunnett - Obituary
Highland Council pays respect to lives lost in Manchester - Miller Academy Creates A Cirlce Of Unity
Circle of Unity at Miller Academy
There was a 1 minute silence at 11am today at all Highland Council premises in tribute to the victims of the Manchester bomb attack. At the Council's headquarters on Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, staff joined Convener of The Highland Council, Cllr Bill Lobban and Members to observe the silence. Convener Lobban said: "As we gather here this morning, we do so to remember the families who have lost loved one and all those who have been injured by the horrific act of terror in Manchester.
Thurso High Sponsored Walk - Note For Drivers To Take Care
Thurso High School pupils are doing a sponsored walk on the morning of Wednesday 24 May 2017. Walkers will leave the school from 9.10am in staggered groups.
Inside The New Wick High School
Inside New Wick High SchoolInside New Wick High SchoolInside New Wick High SchoolInside New Wick High School

Inside New Wick High SchoolInside New wick High SchoolInside New Wick High SchoolInside New Wick High School

The new Wick High School is open and threw open its doors today for everyone to look around.
The Wick High School Build from the start.
General Election 2017 - Hustings In Thurso
Hustings Thurso

Paul Monaghan Public Meetings
Paul Monaghan Meetings

Your Chance To See Round The New Wick High School
Wick High
Wick High School are hosting an Open event for Public and Parents on Saturday 20th May from 10 am until 1 pm. Everyone will be most welcome to come and look round the New School.

Mallrd Duck - Photographer - Karen Munro at St Johns Pool, Dunnet
Set at St. John's Pool Bird Reserve near Dunnet Head. AS SEEN ON BBC LANDWARD 7.30 FRIDAY 19 MAY. Enjoy amazingly close views of a wide range of waterside birds - and find out more with expert guidance. Watch as terns, waders, ducks and gulls go through their breeding season activities.

The How UK Parliament Event Has Been Cancelled.

New Funding Opportunities For Groups and Local Charities Now In The Community Pages
Several opportunities for varying amounts of funding so let your committee know to have look.
Challenge to SNP and Tories in Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross from Labour
Olivia Bell - LabourCandidae for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross in Wesminster election on 8th June
Scottish Labour's candidate for Westminster in Caithness Sutherland and Easter Ross has laid down a a challenge to other candidates on health issues.  

See Olivia Bell's response to a request from Bill Fernie as chairman for CHAT

Other candidates are being requested for statements on Caithness health issues from CHAT. Paul Monaghan metwith CHAT on Saturday 13 May and a report wil come out shortly.  Jamie Stone for the Scottish Lib Dems ahs also agreed to met CHAT and send a statement.

CHAT Fund Raising - Mad Hatters Tea Party - Get Tickets from Eye Candy in Thurso and Wick
Please come along for a fun family day out! To answer a common question, we need to control numbers so this event is tickets only, and you can buy them from Eye Candy in Wick and in Thurso. All proceeds go to CHAT and will be used to help us in our campaigning and health improvement work.
New and Experienced Majorettes Wanted

This Foster Care Fortnight, could you help transform children's lives in Highland?
Highland Council Fostering and Adoption service is issuing a call for at least 20 more foster families in the Highland Council area to come forward and be assessed as Foster Care Fortnight 2017 begins across the UK.

More Funding Opportunities In the Community Pages
Several funding opportunities listed in the community pages with a wide range to choose from.  Does your group need funds and you match the sought after criteria to apply?  Check them out.

Booking Now For Dunbeath To Lybster Walk With The Rangers
Dunbeath To Lybster walk
Join us for a walk along the breath taking cliff tops of Caithness for the 3rd in our series of 7 ranger guided walks along the East Coast, following the John O'Groats Trail. There's a lot to see on this walk - two beautiful harbours, sea stacks and nesting seabirds, coastal flora and a ruined Norse keep.

Teaching Makes People - Chris Aitken, Wick High School
Chris Aitken - Computing Teacher, Wick High
The Scottish Government is firmly committed to maintaining teacher numbers, and are investing £88 million this year alone to recruit and retain teachers across the country. This is in addition to our work with GTC Scotland and universities to develop new ways to attract people into the profession, supported with £1 million from our Attainment Scotland Fund. Chris Aitken, Computing Science Teacher at Wick High School, recently joined the campaign and hopes to encourage locals to consider a teaching career.

Reids Of Caithness Crowned Scottish Baker Of The Year 2017
Reids of Caithness - Scottish Baker of the year 2017
Reids of Caithness has been named Scottish Baker of the Year 2017 at a glittering ceremony hosted by Scottish Bakers, the association that supports and promotes the interests of Scottish bakers across the country.

Caithness Beatrice Community Fund - Funding Events
Beatrice Fund - Funding Advice dates.
Projects in East Caithness are invited tocome to advice information days to see if they can make applications for funding from the Caithness Beatrce Fund.  Check if you are in one of five target areas then apply for a place at one of the events in May.

First Day at The New Wick High School
Wick High First DayPhotos on the new Wick High pages.

Visit Caithness and Play Brahms' 3rd Symphony
Visit Caithness and play Brahms 3rd Symphony

Newton Park Primary Opens At Wick Campus
Newpark Primary School Opens at Wick High CampusNew Park Primary School opens at Wick campusNewpark Primary opens at Wick campusNewpark Primary opens at Wick campus

Children and teachers today march from the old Pulteneytown Academy primary school building to thenew Newpark Primary at the Wick campus which is now open.
Pipers to lead pupils back to school at new Wick Campus
Wick High Campus
Around 400 pupils and teachers attending Newton Park Primary school and Nursery at Wick Campus in Wick will walk to their new school on Wednesday 26 April setting off at 9am from the Old Pulteneytown Academy building. The procession of pupils in their new school uniforms will be led by Highland Bagpipers Alistair Miller and Chester Henry, a P7 pupil, along the new pedestrian access path and ramp down to the new building. Parents and carers have been invited to watch the procession as the children go into the playground and then into their new school.

Honours even in end-of-season encounter Wick Academy 2 Formartine United 2
Wick Academy 2 Formartine United 2Reporter Noel Donaldson
ACADEMY shook off their recent poor form to grab a well-earned share of the points on home turf against one of the Highland League's strongest sides, in the final of the season at Harmsworth Park, on Saturday. Quick- moving United monopolised the early play and were rewarded with a lucky Scott Ferries strike in the 10th minute which crept over the line after a deflection.    Photo Gallery
CHAT Visual Impact Day  - Video
Thanks to the John O'Groat Journal for the short video of the rally- see report n the Courier on Wednesday.
Press and Journal coverage on Monday will be worth reading also.

CHAT Visual Impact Day and Rally Sunday 23 April
CHAT - Caithness Health Action Team, Bignold Park, Wick 2.30pm Sunday 23rd April 2017
CHAT Facebook page
 So What is going to happen in Scotland on Maternity?
- See the report on Scottish government web site called  THE BEST START - a five year forward plan for maternity and neonatal Care in Scotland - 20 January 2017.
It is 130 pages long and seems to suggest that what is happening in Caithness will be happening all over Scotland in the next 5 year.  Everything seems very reasonable until you apply the geography test.  How can it work for far away rural places and is it what we want? - So far in Caithness without a public consultation the Obstetricians are leaving, beds removed and a huge number of women and are being sent to Raigmore or even further away.  What happened to continuity of care, seeing the same midewife and fathers involvement that the report speaks about.   Read the report and then ask how it affects places like Caithness, Sutherland and any far flung place in Scotland.  Exceptions need to be made and not just token groups to talk.
Dunnet Bay Distillers on the joys and challenges of running a remote business - The Telegraph
A really nice article about the business.
John O'Groats Shape The Future - Follow Up Event
John O'Groats Consultation - Follow Up Event

Once A Year Trip To Hoy With The Rangers
Hoy Trip
Ship a' Hoy Sunday 21st May 2017. 10.15am - 6pm 
This is your only opportunity to sail directly to the Orkney Island of Hoy from the Scottish mainland on the passenger ferry from John O'Groats. Join the countryside Rangers either walking out to the famous ‘Old Man' sea stack or enjoy a slightly more strenuous guided walk through the Glens of Kinnaird on route to Rackwick Bay.
£46.00 per person (no concessions)

First Of A Fleet Of Work Boats At Wick Harbour
Rix Linx WorkBoat At Wick Harbour 17 April 2017
Today at Wick Harbour 'Rix Lynx'could be seen tied up. Wick Harbour is fast becoming a hive of activity with the work now well underway at the former Steven's yard.

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