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Altimarlach is reputedly the site of the last clan battle.  Whether it was the last or not there was certainly a battle between the Campbells of Glenorchy and the Sinclairs of Keiss.  The battle was fought in 1680 and many men were killed.  Most were buried at the site where a cross was erected in 1901. An inscription on the cross reads:
 "The Battle of Altimarlach was fought around this cross 13th July 1680. The last feudal battle in Scotland"

Calder's History Of Caithness contains an account of the Battle of Altimarlach in Chapter 11

Walk From Wick To Altimarlach

Getting There
There are two main ways to approach Altimarlach.  Both are on foot and one is a walk along the Wick river from the town.  Altimarlach is not sign posted (This is Caithness) and it is located on farm land.  In spring and summer the river walk can be difficult due to the growth of the reed beds.  In Autumn this has died back and in winter it can be very wet underfoot at places.  You need to walk through some fields and there may be cattle in the fields who will be very curious and you should not take dogs unless on a lead.

The second approach is by far the shorter if less interesting  is along the Sibster road to a farm gate where a walk of about 500 - 600 metres will take you quickly to the site which can be seen easily due to the large stone cross marking the spot.

The farm also has four by four run for vehicles so watch out for these at times.