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Dirlot Cemetery
OS Grid Reference ND 126487 - Map

Dirlot cemetery lies in one of the most open places in Caithness.  There is only one route to the cemetery.  Go to Westerdale and take the Strathmore lodge road .  About 1.5 miles along the road is a sandpit that you pass by.  The single track road takes you past old farm buildings on both sides of the road.
It is also the site of an earlier chapel of St Columba of which there is nothing left.  It was the place of a famous fight between the Gunns and the Keiths and another between the Mackays and the Sutherlands following which Dirlot was held by the Mackays.
For more on the Gunns and Keiths feuds see Chapter V of History of Caithness   The following are just a few of the graves - mainly Gunns in the cemetery at Dirlot

Alexander Gunn
Catherine Williamson
John Gunn

Alexander Gunn
Janet McKloud
& Their Children

John ? died
12 November 1760


Jemima Gunn
Helen Ann Gunn
Lizzie Gunn

John Gunn Jnr
William Gunn
James Gunn
Ann Calder

David Bruce
& Family

Surnames of people buried at Dirlot
Bain, Brims, Bruce, Budge, Calder, Campbell, Davidson, Dawson, elder, Farquhar, Finlayson, Gunn, Henderson, Horne, Macaulay, MdDonald, McHorish, Mackay, Mackenzie, Miller, Munro, Murray, Olson, Sinclair, Sutherland, Williamson
Most places are in Caithness but three mentioned are
London - Robert Marcus Gunn died 14 October 1801
Cradock, Africa  - William Mackenzie died 13 October 1902
American Civil War - Donald Gunn born 1827 - killed in the American Civil War 1861 - 1863
For more detailed information see  -
Caithness Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions Vol 3