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Kyle Of Tongue, Sutherland

The northern part of Sutherland is made up of the parishes of Tongue and Farr.  these two parishes cover a large part of the northern coastline. The total population is around 1600 and as they live in a total area of 531 square miles it is the emptiest part of not just Scotland but the whole United Kingdom.

Clan Connections.
The area has long been the homeland of the clan Mackay and even though the population suffered the clearances and other voluntary emigration the name Mackay is still the dominant name in the area..

for thousands of years agriculture has had to be of a very low level due to the climate and topography.  Consequently this hugely beautiful area has much that would seem to be untouched.  Crofting came in following the clearances and exists to this day along with farms and estates mainly concerned with sports such as shooting and fishing.  Sheep are in evidence  in many parts and a few cattle that can sometimes be seen strolling along the beach at Melness.

Places to Stay
The area is well served with hotels, bed and breakfast and camping and caravan sites.

For the highly active there are a wide range of places to climb, walk, surf and for the less active of just a rest the beaches are amazing and often you will find one all to yourself.  The area has much to offer for those interested in History and archaeology.  With a local guide leaflet you can follow trails or head for one of the many ancient monuments.

The Strathnaver Museum is open in the spring until Autumn.

Castle Varrich
is clearly visible from Tongue and the surrounding area.  Only a small part remains and it is thought to have been of Norse origin.
Castle Borve  (ND 725642) is a fantastic site to visit but there is very little to indicate it was a casrle to the casual observer.  Enjoy the views

Tongue Area In November 2003


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