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James Bremner

Monument Erected 1903

Writing On The Monument

Caithness History

James Bremner was born at Stain, Keiss on 25 September 1784 and died at Wick on 12 August 1856.

He was an apprentice in Greenock learning his trade before going on to become one of Scotland ship builders.  He crossed the Atlantic twice before settling in Wick to establish his own ship building business.

Over a 50 year period he built over 50 ships and designed and built many harbours on the Moray Firth coast.

A ingenious engineer he raised 236 shipwrecks and the most famous was the S.S. Great Britain after it ran aground in Ireland.  He wrote many papers on wreck raising and became one of the most famous local men in Caithness.

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