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North Baths - Wick
Located just outside Wick Harbour on the north side

Friends Of The Trinkie And The North Baths
A loose group of people from the Wick community that have worked to restore the Trinke and the North Baths to be the outdoor swimming pools once loved by earlier generations

North Baths Repair Work Well Under Way 2 July 04

North Baths Team Ready To Restore North Baths 16 November 2003
Iain Sutherland and his team have already cleared the road of many tons of stones thrown up by the sea in successive storms and are ready to start the huge task of restoring the North Baths  - another open air pool at Wick.  Once used by many locals as their swimming pool it was once as busy as the Trinkie on the other side of the Bay.  Iain Sutherland and his team have set about the task of raising money and gathering people together to undertake this work.  He has also gathered a group of local contractors who are donating materials and machinery for the job.   Soon once again Wick will be the only town in the north to have two outdoor swimming pools once again.   One end will have the paddling pool with shallow water for small children whilst the other end will have depth for swimming. 

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Once a popular outdoor swimming pool