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Pictures of Wick

wickold.jpg (43349 bytes)
Old Wick

seatoverwick.jpg (37148 bytes)
Seats overlooking the sea 
and Wick Harbour

roundhouse.jpg (41020 bytes)
Houses overlooking
Wick Harbour

wickfromoldlifeboatshed.jpg (42929 bytes)
Towards Wick from 
Old Lifeboat shed

floralclocka.jpg (39196 bytes)
Floral clock at Town Hall

wickheritage2.jpg (36375 bytes)
Wick Heritage Centre

Wick Heritage Centre Page

marketsquare.jpg (42763 bytes)
Market Square 21/9/2000

bridgewick.jpg (38289 bytes)
Bridge over 
River Wick

wickriver.jpg (39924 bytes)
Wick River 
from bridge

marketsquare3.jpg (48587 bytes)
Market Square looking 
down High Street

      oldparish2.jpg (37315 bytes)
      Old Parish Church
     Parish Church Page


minis.jpg (41591 bytes)
Children's clothing shop near
Heritage Centre

countyshow2000.jpg (38934 bytes)
County Show 2000 Wick

dounreayclubwick.jpg (34998 bytes)
Dounreay Social Club


stferguslane.jpg (41631 bytes)
St Fergus Lane, Wick
Off high Street


cartersa.jpg (44906 bytes)
Carters Bar


backbridgest.jpg (39798 bytes)
21 October 2000
Overlooking old Mart site
Building Now a Dentists
Following upgrading in 2000

oldmartandbackerclub.jpg (41779 bytes)
21 October 2000
Old Mart site and
rear of Back Bridge Street Club
(The Backer)

downwickriver.jpg (41123 bytes)
Down River Wick
25 June 2000

upwickriver.jpg (37529 bytes)
25 June 2000
Bridge over River Wick

customsoffice.jpg (33949 bytes)
Coat of Arms on
Customs Office - Harbour Terrace

customs.jpg (37836 bytes)
Customs Office
Harbour Terrace

harbourlight.jpg (37831 bytes)
Light at Entrance to Harbour

harbourterrace.jpg (35571 bytes)
Harbour Terrace

downharbourterrace.jpg (40953 bytes)
Looking Down Harbour Terrace

bridgest.jpg (35238 bytes)
Bridge Street
2 November 2000

oldpostoffice.jpg (46849 bytes)
Old Post Office
Market Square

toparishchurch.jpg (43193 bytes)
Looking to Parish church
From over the Wick River
2 November 2000

wickbridge.jpg (41913 bytes)

roadsignwick.jpg (38864 bytes)

overriver.jpg (28338 bytes)
Looking over to new houses and Swimming Pool

Wick Storm 20 September 12.00pm
Wick Storm 20 September 5.00pm - Still Blowing
Wick Weather - back to Costa del Caithness 21 September 10.00am