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Wick and Lybster
 Light Railway


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This page will bring together pictures and other information on the Wick and Lybster Light Railway as it is photographed or  found.  Many of the buildings are still in existence along the route of the former railway. 

20 December 03
Lybster Landmark Gone After 100 Years
 The Railway Shed at Lybster has gone after 100 years. 
The end of an era as the old railway shed which was a village landmark for slightly over 100 years became a bonfire on its demolition.  The railway opened on 3rd July 1903. The shed came down on 19th December 2003.

Thrumster 1 March 2003
Renovations are underway with volunteers led by Ian Sutherland of The Wick Society
Thrumster  Pictures taken 12 November 2000.
Mid Clyth Pictures taken 26 May 2001
Whaligoe  Pictures taken 12 November 2000.
Lybster Pictures Taken 10 May 2001

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Railway Cottage In Winter 2001

North Highland Archive
The archive includes Iain Sutherland's notes and drafts for his book 'The Wick & Lybster Railway' and the original memorandum from 1901.
Plans of Georgemas Junction; copies of shareholders minutes.
Extensive council minutes and local newspapers covering the extension to Wick 1872.
A selection of photographs.
Census records showing staff and station houses