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2020 Maritime Calendar Boats
2020 Boats Calendar

Wick Harbour At The End of 2019

Scrabster Harbour At The End of 2019

27 October 2019
Ferry Alfred First Crossing Pentland Firth

18 October 2019
Kirkwall Harbour

Wick Harbour Day 2019

19 July 2019
Royal Navy Boats At Wick

The Wick Society - Boats

Cruise Ships At Scrabster

2 June 05
RV Triton At Scrabster Yesterday -
The World's Largest Trimaran

The Triton was in Scrabster yesterday for a few hours. The Triton Trimaran Research Ship is a technology demonstrator ship for the Royal Navy's Future Surface Combatant (FSC) frigate requirement, due to enter service from 2013 and replace the Type 23 frigates. Triton is the world's largest motor powered trimaran (triple-hulled) vessel, with a length of 90m and beam of 22m. Triton is owned by QinetiQ (formerly DERA, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency).  More Information at Naval Technology
More photos at Scrabster Weather Station

HMCC Valiant At Scrabster

Blikur Leaving Scrabster 13 February 2005

19 August 04
The Highland Council's Caithness Area is encouraging more cruise ship passengers docking at Scrabster harbour to visit Thurso for shopping and entertainment in the town. This Caithness welcome to cruise ship passengers follows on from the success of an earlier visit this summer (3rd June) by the Black Prince cruise ship chartered by the National Trust for Scotland which called at Scrabster on the NTS annual cruise around Scotland.  Two more cruise ships are expected to dock at Scrabster: the "Funchual" with Morrison Tours on Thursday 26th August and the "Minerva" with Denholm Shipping on Monday 6th September.  Many of the ships passengers will be going on pre-arranged day or half day excursions to see visitor attractions and sites of interest in Caithness, however the remainder who do not wish to go on these trips are being enticed to visit Thurso on a shuttle bus which has been organised by The Highland Council.

A Walk Round Wick Harbour On Sunday 5 May 03
Whitefish boats may be a thing of the past at Wick these days but there is still activity in the form of cargo boats and yesterday a tug ready to assist with the float out of the latest pipeline from Wester.  Shellfish boats still come and go with catches being uplifted often at weekends before heading to southern markets and on to European destinations.

20 April 03
Hamnavoe Trip - Scrabster to Old Man Of Hoy
One of a series of trips laid on for local people in Caithness and Orkney to introduce the Hamnavoe Ferry before it commences service on the Scrabster to Stromness route.  the brand new ferry is starting ahead of the new pier being completed and everyone onboard was delighted with the trip on a beautiful spring day out in the Pentland Firth.

A Few Boats At Scrabster In September 2002

Creels At Lybster
A few creels and boats

How A Boat Gets To The Top Of The Wick Slipway For Repairs and Painting

Boats & Equipment for Pipeline Float Out 23 July 2002
Pentland Yacht Club 2002 Summer Regatta Pictures

Other Boats

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Fishing Boats 2001

Boats Around Caithness In October 2003

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Fishing Boats 2002
Fishing Boats 2001 
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Other Boats 2002
Caithness Lighthouses
Fish Market Scrabster
Isabella Fortuna - Sailing Again
A 44 foot long Fifie built in Arbroath in 1890, restored in Wick lifeboat shed in 1998.
Thurso Lifeboat

Thurso Lifeboat 29 June 2002
Wick Lifeboat
Lifeboat Exercise 21 July 2002
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Wick Harbour Slipway 16 September 2002
A boat Goes From Water To Top of The Slip and how it gets there.
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The Sea Battle Off Roudabjorg Between Earl Rognavald And Earl Thorfinn - The Orkneyinga Saga

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Ham Harbour

Scrabster Harbour Development
The biggest investment for many years in harbour construction work is taking place at Scrabster Harbour where the new road out as far as Holborn Head has been completed and the new pier work has begun with a completion date in August 2002.

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UK Fishng Vessel List as at 30 June 2005

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