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A-Z of Caithness Places

Harbours & Piers in Caithness
The Caithness coast is dotted with many small harbours and piers.  The major ones of Wick and Scrabster
still play an important part in the local economy for transport, fishing and employment. 
Many of the smaller harbours are still used for recreation and small creel and fishing boats.

This section will be added to over time with more details and photographs as they are collected.
Not all of them are yet listed here.

Harbour Location
Entries in white - 
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Ackergill Wick - John O'Groats
One mile out of Wick
Auckengill Wick - John O'Groats
Berriedale Wick - Inverness
Brough Bay Dunnet Head
A836 Thurso - John O'Groats
Clett Bay
Dunnet  Head
B855 Dunnet head
Crosskirk, Forss A836 Thurso - Reay
Dunbeath Wick - Inverness
Dwarwick A836 
Thurso - John O'Groats
Gills Bay Pier A836
Thurso - John O'Gtoats
A836 John O'Groats
Brough - Barrock
Haven A836 - John O'Groats
Ham -Scarkskerry
Harrow A836 John O'Groats
West Mey
Scarfskerry - Mey
Huna A836
Thurso - John O'Groats
John O'Groats A836
Thurso - John O'Groats
Keiss Wick - John O'Groats
Latheron A99
Wick - Inverness
Latheronwheel A99
Wick - Inverness
Lybster A99
Wick - Inverness
14 Miles from Wick
Papigoe Half mile out of Wick
Sandside A836
Thurso - Reay
Sarclet Off A99
Wick - Inverness
4 miles from Wick
Scrabster A836 Thurso -  Reay
Skirza A836 Thurso - Reay
Staxigoe One mile out of Wick
Past Papigoe
Stroma Southern tip of island
Thurso Thurso
Whaligoe Off A99
Wick - Inverness
Wick Wick
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Wick & Scrabster
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Coast of Caithness  
Other small disused harbours
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