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(whale geo or inlet of whales). A spectacular stairway with 365 steps � one for each day of the year descends to a landing place for small boats.  Boats had to be winched up to secure them in bad weather.  Some of the steps probably date from the 17th century.  On the cliff stands an early 19th century herring station, yard and manager�s house.
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Whaligoe Mill Winter 2001

Whaligoe is also a good place to park the car if you want to take the short walk to the Cairn of Get whish dates to 4000BC.  Just cross the main road and follow the short road up to the Railway Cottage built for the old Wick Lybster Railway.  Their is a wooden pathway to take you over the peaty ground towards the cairn clearly signposted.  however to see the site of the old railway station and platform just turn left at the railway cottage instead of going straight on to the cairn.  The railway is not sign posted but interesting as a part of Caithness history.  Pictures are in a report featuring the cairn and also pictures of the cottage and the railway.  Click Here