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The Steps From The Opposite Cliff  23 September 2004

Probably the strangest harbour in Caithness - built in a tiny, narrow creek at the foot of the cliff, it required a flight of flagstone steps - some 330 of them - to reach the bottom, from the fish curing station at the top.

The steps are originally mid-18th century, repaired early 19th century and again very recently.  In 1808, seven boats worked Whaligoe; by 1826 their number had risen to twenty four, but thereafter it declined rapidly.

Whaligoe - this small port was prospected by Thomas Telford in 1786 during his tour of the Northern Fishing Harbours for the British Fishing Society - his judgement of the place was that it was a "terrible spot"!  However undaunted, David Brodie expended the princely sum of �8 to cut the famous 330 steps; his confidence was rewarded in 1814 with the harbour supporting 14 herring boats.

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