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History Of Latheron

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The village was set up in 1835 by Captain Robert Dunbar a landowner.  A single street leads to the small harbour.  A single span bridge from 1726 still survives but carries no traffic now. Up to 50 boats used this harbour at the height of the great herring boom.

4 December 2005

17 March 2002


Into Latheronwheel From South

Whalebone Arch

An Old Croft House

latheronwheel1.jpg (42449 bytes)
Fisherman's Store in the cliff

latheronwheel2.jpg (43735 bytes)
The old bridge showing the original road

latheronwheel3.jpg (40304 bytes)
Traditional House

latheronwheel4.jpg (34488 bytes)
Main Street through village
leads to harbour

latheronwheel5.jpg (36910 bytes)
Small creel boats still use harbour

latheronwheel6.jpg (37249 bytes)

latheronwheel7.jpg (39643 bytes)

latheronwheel8.jpg (36192 bytes)
Farmhouse on road o harbour

latheronwheel9.jpg (42668 bytes)
Main Road North past Latheronwheel
Yes it is this peaceful - it was a Sunday

latheronwheel10.jpg (39911 bytes)
Harbour on Sunday 15 October 2000
Archaeology Group visiting the cairns

latheronwheel11.jpg (40715 bytes)
Village Street runs down to harbour

cairn1latheronwheel.jpg (38944 bytes)
Cairn above Latheronwheel
Walk over old bridge and up the hill

latheronwheel25.jpg (41739 bytes)

latheronwheel20.jpg (35800 bytes)

latheronwheel21.jpg (40181 bytes)

archweeklatheronwheel.jpg (37199 bytes)
Group looking at one of the cairns
during archaeology week 15 Oct 2000

ameliapannettlatheronwheel.jpg (36871 bytes)
Amelia Pannett - Archaeologist
from Cardiff University leading a group
during Archaeology Week 15 Oct 2000

latheronwheel.jpg (41039 bytes)
Coast From Latheronwheel

latheronharbour.jpg (55024 bytes)

latheronbridge.jpg (37686 bytes)
Old Bridge on Old Road

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