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A village very closely connected to the fishing industry.  Once over 100 boats sailed in and out of the harbour.
Lybster was the third largest herring port in Scotland after Wick and Fraserburgh.

Lybster School Lybster Harbour From The Air Lybster Village Hall

A to Z

Lybster Streets A - Z General Patrick Sinclair

Initiative At The Edge - SE Caithness

Lybster Harbour 26 April 2005

Lybster House

Early Lybster Harbour

Lybster FC Team 2004

Snow Scenes From Lybster
After The Blizzard 14 March 05

Lybster Harbour 10 August 2004

Main Street - Taking Down Xmas Decorations
11 January 2004

D Munro General Store

Lybster Harbour  Early Sunday Morning
25 May 2003

Lybster Gala 2013

Lybster Gala 2012

Lybster Gala 2011

Lybster Gala 2010

Lybster Gala 2009

Lybster Gala 2008
No photos for this year

Lybster Gala 2007

Lybster Gala 2006

Lybster Gala 2005

Lybster Gala 2004

Lybster Gala 2003

Lybster Gala Night 2002

Brethren Well
It is 50 years ago this year since the well was last used for a domestic supply. It had become overgrown and almost lost permanently until local historian/author Donald A Young decided action was needed to save it for future generations. With the asssistance of volunteers from the Ranger Service who initially dug it out and then local contractors J Gunn & Sons who supplied materials the newly restored well is now beginning to take shape and looks to be secure for a very long future. It is reputed to have been used by monks who lived in the area as far back as the 6th century hence the name Brethren Well

2006 Knotty

2004 Knotty
A Few Pictures From The Knotty 2004 At Lybster

knotty ladies winners 2004 = reetzes ravers
(commercial hotel)
knotty mens winners 2004 = gunns!

Knotty Championships 2003
Knotty Championships  2001

 For further information or a Knotty application form, please contact [email protected]

Classic Motor Cycle Rally 2002

House In Lybster - May 2001

Harbour 19 May 2002

Bayview Hotel

Across Harbour To Waterlines

Lybster Harbour 26 May 2001


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Harbour Light

Royal Bank

Waterlines Museum & Coffee Shop

Old Bridge Into Lybster

Portland Arms Hotel

Police In Lybster

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Highland Council Local Plan For Lybster 2002
Lybster Golf Club
Lybster To Forse Castle Walk
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