Caithness Field Club

Dummy Airfield At Thrumster on 7 May 2000
By Geoff Leet

This is a trailer for the Field Club Outing on May 7. The marsh at Redmire, Thrumster, was converted into a dummy airfield by creating "runways" using shell-sand to encourage grass growth which still survive. These will be seen on our outing, but the dummy aircraft are long gone. At least some of the anti-aircraft guns were real, as were the runway lights. The first German bombs were dropped at 8.30 am on Sunday, 30 March, 1941, followed by more during the following months without serious damage.

Nearby at Ulbster is a radiolocation station which we will also visit.

More ancient is a tripartite cairn at Ormliegill. It was found to contain unburnt human and animal bones over a one foot layer of ashes, with pits below filled with the same compacted mix. Identified were 30 humans with horse, ox, deer, dog, swine and poultry. Also found were pottery, a flint arrowhead, and a polished granite hammer.

Also ancient is an enigmatic great stone wall and a large partly cut stone. We will finish at the beautiful Ulbster Mausoleum.

Published in 2000 Bulletin