Caithness Field Club

The Sinclair Clan Gathering

At the Halkirk Games of 1997, the Sinclair clan chiefs contemplated a clan gathering to celebrate the millennium. It was planned to be on a substantial scale, something that had not hitherto been attempted. Enquiries were made and, with favourable reaction from home and overseas, a provisional plan was evolved. This was further elaborated when, making use of personal contacts and overseas Sinclair Clan Societies, plus the internet and clan newsletters, the level of support was found to be very high. At the 1999 A.G.M of Clan Sinclair, it was estimated that a total figure of between 150 and 200 people from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Sweden were likely to attend Firm arrangements for accommodation and entertainment could then be made.

The Gathering will centre on the Halkirk Games but the celebrations will begin in London on July 25. Coaches will make their way to Caithness, via Edinburgh, in time for the opening of the Halkirk Games on Saturday 29 July 2000. The coach tour ending at Halkirk on Wednesday 2 August 2000.

We hope the Caithness weather will recognise the importance of the occasion with plenty of sunshine.

Published in 2000 Bulletin