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Spoked Wheel Stones (by Geoff Leet)

The last Bulletin – page 37 featured the “Thurso Spoked Wheel Stone”. Pictish wheel symbols are uncommon, but Anna Ritchie drew my attention to the “Knockando 1” stone which has a 13-spoked wheel above a pair of crescent-and-V-rod symbols. The stone lies near Elgin at the Church of Knockando, on the north side of the River Spey, 3 miles north of Blacksboat railway station. If any reader visits the area I would welcome a photograph. The stone is described in Allen & Anderson 1903, The Early Christian Monuments of Scotland,page 127 of volume 2, a copy of which is in Thurso library.

The “Knockando 1” stone closely associates the spoked wheel with established Pictish symbols which increases the probability that the Thurso Spoked Wheels Stone is also Pictish.

Anna Ritchie also mentioned the wooden wheel at Blair Drummond which was radiocarbon-dated to about 600BC.

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