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Beverley Sarstedt Classes For Children
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Classes in Wick & Thurso

1 November 2003

Alice In Wonderland Rehearsals

Dance & Drama Tests March 2003

Thurso Juniors Nativity
11 December 2002

Rain Forest Day
26 June 2002

Beverley organised dances to portray the rain forest at South School

Scottish Variety Show

22 June 2002

Beverley Sarstedt Classes Are Now Ended

Beverley Sarstedt Says Goodbye To Caithness
26 June 2004

Beverly Sarstedt is moving to Aberdeen with her family following her husband getting a new job.  Her very popular dance and drama classes for children of all ages have now ceased.  A number of children said goodbye to her on Saturday 26 June 2004 at the Assembly Rooms, Wick where they had a final session of games and a range of gifts were presented to her on her final day.  Unfortunately the classes will all come to an end as no other teacher has come forward to take any of them over.


Saturday Afternoon Drama Class

Young Drama  - Wick

Wick Ballet Class

Thurso Pre School Drama Group