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There is a whole range of activity for children in the county that we have not yet managed to get to on the web site.  If you run a group covering any activities not listed elsewhere and that could come under the general heading of Drama, Dancing or other art form aimed at young children then get in touch by emailing [email protected]  Tel 01955 604648

26 June 04
Beverley Sarstedt Says Goodbye To Caithness Classes

1 November 03
Alice In Wonderland Rehearsals

6 September 03
Dancing Competitions In Wick

6 September 03
Highland Dancing Competitions In Wick

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Karen Cameron Ballet Classes - Thurso

Elise Lyall School of Dancing

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Janice Falconer does line dancing in the Ross Institute on Thursday nights various times for age 8 years and up.

Beverley Sarstedt's Classes - Wick & Thurso
Beverley Sarstedt is leaving to live in Caithness and all of her classes have now ceased from June 2004