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Sutherland & Caithness Recycling Action Partnership (SCRAP)



We are presently running a home composting project for Sutherland and Caithness.

‘Rotol’ composter bins are available to the local community for only £5 (…retail price £39).

To obtain a composter, or for further details about SCRAP

please phone – Mike Potts on 01847 893471

Home composting reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and produces garden compost.

SCRAP is a voluntary, charity organisation welcoming everyone with an interest in reducing, re-using and recycling waste.


“through waste management and reduction practices, to promote the conservation, protection, improvement and sustainability of the physical and natural environment in Caithness and Sutherland”.

At the end of May 2002 we received a cheque for £15,000 under the Landfill Tax Credit scheme. Since then we have directed this fund into subsidising compost bins for the local community. This turns what is otherwise waste into a valuable commodity, helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and raise awareness of waste issues. We also give talks to local groups to further promote the sustainability message.

· we have sold and distributed over 875 bins and counting

· We have raised funds through local fund-raising events (quiz, competition, promotion at
   local County show

· We have delivered more than 14 promotional talks

· We publicise the group’s activities via local press

· We have held public meetings in Thurso, Wick and Bettyhill

· We offer advise, guidance and assistance in composting and recycling facilities locally

· We have distributed a questionnaire to people who have bought bins, and plan a follow-
   up, to acquire data on the amounts being composted, etc.

· We regularly attend relevant conferences and meetings, mainly within Highland Region

· We communicate regularly with other environmental groups and agencies in Highland

· We try to broadcast relevant issues to raise public awareness e.g. The consultation
  process for the Highland Waste plan

· We have made contracts with two community agents, who receive honoraria and
   expenses for acting as outlets in Sutherland for our Rotol composters. One is at GREAN in
  Golspie, and the other in Skerray.

· We have made contact with another potential outlet in Kinlochbervie

If you would like to find out more or order a ‘Rotol’ Compost Bin please contact Mike Potts by telephoning 01847 893471. Complete and return the application form along with a cheque or postal order. A voucher will be sent out to you, which can be redeemed for a compost bin at one of the following outlets:
Woodside Gardening Centre
Shinvall Gardening Centre
Pulteneytown Gardening Centre
Skerray Gardening Centre
GREAN recycling group in Golspie

30 January 04
News from SCRAP ( Sutherland & Caithness Recycling Action Partnership):

SCRAP held its third AGM on 21st January 2004, at which it was decided that it was time to offer thanks to various garden centres and individuals who have helped with the distribution of compost bins.

A total of 1,231 bins have been sold so far, going to 818 households (some families like to work with two bins) "Thank You" letters are going out to a number of such agents, including Fergus Morrison in Golspie and Celia Wallis in Skerray, plus the Woodside; Shinval; Pulteney; and Jamiesons Garden Centres, all of whom have not only assisted in the distribution, but also helped spread the recycling message.

The local area committee of Highland Council adds to this system by providing storage for bins awaiting distribution, and this is much appreciated.

Useful local developments have included the launch in 2003 of the
Highland Waste Minimisation Strategy. The amenity site at Wick is now in the process of being established, and a Thurso site looks likely to come to fruition eventually.

The green waste shredder has been installed at the Seater landfill site, but we have still to hear of it being in operation.

To assist with the essential "awareness" issue, SCRAP member Rosina Kerswell is to undertake a project to produce a leaflet guide for the local community to explain what materials can be recycled, and where, or disposed of properly in Caithness and Sutherland. SCRAP will offer all the help it can with this, and any good ideas for incorporation can be passed to Rosina via SCRAP Chairman Mike Potts at 01847-893471.

SCRAP posters are currently being distributed along the north coast from Skerray.

SCRAP's financial year has been altered to coincide with the calendar year, from 1st Jan 04.

Committee members elected for the year ahead were:
Chairman: Mike Potts; Secretary: Paul Castle; Treasurer: Shona MacDonald.

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