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  Elections 1 May 2003

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Caithness Area Committee of Highland Council

19 May 03
Caithness Area Committee
At it's first meeting the new Caithness area committee agreement was reached on a variety of appointments -
Area Convenor -
David Flear   Vice Convenor - Alistair Macdonald

Caithness Area Committees Chairmen/ Highland Core Members
Education Culture and Sport - Roger Saxon
Housing and Social Work - Bill Fernie
Planning Development and Europe - Graeme Smith
Resources - Tom Jackson
Transport, Environmental and Community Services -  John Green

Highland Core Committees  - Other Representatives
Education Culture and Sport
Katrina MacNab (Vice Ch), Tom Jackson, Bill Mowat
Housing and Social Work
Donnie Mackay (Vice Ch) , Katrina MacNab, David Flear
Planning Development, Europe and Tourism
Alistair Macdonald (Vice Ch), John Green, Tom Jackson
David Flear (Vice Ch), Bill Fernie, Donnie Mackay
Transport, Environmental and Community Services
Bill Mowat (Vice Ch), Graeme Smith, Alistair Macdonald

Representation To Outside Bodies
Caithness Citizen's Advice Bureau -
Roger Saxon
Caithness Drugs & Alcohol Forum - Graeme Smith , John Green
Caithness Sports Council - Roger Saxon, John Green, Tom Jackson
The Wick Project
Bill Fernie, Graeme Smith, Katrina MacNab, John Green
Wick Harbour Trust
Bill Fernie, Katrina MacNab, Graeme Smith, Bill Mowat
Wick Town Improvements
Katrina MacNab
Wick Youth Club
Bill Fernie, Katrina MacNab

Other Appointments Made Will be added to this page later.

Caithness Councillors

Caithness North East - John Green
Caithness South East - William Mowat
Caithness Central - David Flear
Caithness North West
- Alistair Macdonald
Pulteney - Katrina MacNab
Thurso Central - Donnie Mackay
Thurso West - Roger Saxon
Thurso East - Tom Jackson
Wick - Graeme Smith
Wick West - Bill Fernie