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Pictures From Earlier Years

Early Caithness Pictures

Wick Riverside & Town Improvements Committee
8th June 1946

These photos have been sent in by Hamish Gunn - 12 October 2008

No 1 : Is a picture taken of the Wick Riverside & Town improvement committee taken at the Riverside on Victory day 8th June 1946 the committee members are L to R standing :
Messrs T.W. Appleyard ( Laundry Manager Newton Road ) G.H. Gordon ( Rector of Wick High School ) D. Dunnett (Sadler Shop Bridge St ) R. Campbell ( Pavilion Cinema Manager )
J. MacKenzie Miller ( Draper Bridge St. ) G.D.W. Millikin ( Headmaster Wick North School )
J.Y. Sinclair ( Coal Mcht. Camps where the present College is ) A. Macleod ( ? ) R.S. McRobbie
( Customs Officer ) & C. Begg (Draper high St. )
Sitting L to R : Messrs D.H.Harper ( Builder ? ) S. Mackay ( ? ) W.J.Miller ( Insurance Agent )
Col. J.J. Robertson Garage business where Somerfield are now ) D.G. Mowat ( Manager
Geddes Farm supplies High Street ) J. Bruce ( Under- Manager Geddes ) W.Gunn ( Hairdresser high Street ) & P.A. Sutherland ( Grocer Lower Dunbar st.)

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No 2 : Is on the occasion that the Boating Pavilion was opened for the first time ( I think it was formerly a part of the Sergeant's Mess at Wick RAF Station during the 2nd world war,)
This picture was also take on the 8th of June 1946. Some comments on number 2 :
I'll not name members of the committee as they can be identified from picture No1, but additional folk present of interest are, The piper is David Bruce son of Jim Bruce ( Of Geddes
Farm supplies ) The man busy taken notes is John Donaldson ( Hot-News Free lance reporter ) the Father of Noel Donaldson currently working with the John O'Groat Journal. The tall man right in it front is George Sinclair Dean of Guild in the former Town council and ti his right is Provost Bessie Leith. Both these photographs were taken by John Adams who had a well known photographer's business in River street where I think Geddes presently have their office/shop.

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