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12 October 08
Wick Riverside & Town Improvements Committee
8 June 1946

8 February 07
Looking For Information On An Old Caithness Motorcycle
Stuart Tod has been contacted by someone looking for any information that someone might have on this motorcycle a "New Imperial" once registered in Caithness SK1606.  The bike was bought 25 - 30 years ago and has been transformed to perfect condition.  A tax disc dating to 1953 is also include in the gallery.  If anyone can shed some light on its history contact Stuart Tod by email [email protected]  We would also be interested to add the information to the photos - also send to [email protected]
More Details
What the current owner would like is if there are any old period photo's showing this machine that could be borrowed and copied.
1930 James Sutherland of Shore, Dunbeath
1934 George MacKay of Bridgeend, Dunbeath
pre war Robert Campbell of Balnatink, Dunbeath

2 February 07
Do You Know This Caithness Scout?
Later this year there will be an exhibition of Scouting in Caithness.  Organisers are collecting photos for the exhibition.  Amongst those collected so far is this one with no name.  If you know the name send details to [email protected]

1285 Caithness Squadron ATC
A few photos sent in by Hamish Gunn who was a member of 1285 Caithness squadron ATC  If anyone would like to add to this section send photos to [email protected]

Marathon Dance - Canisbay 1970's
Sheila Moir said "The dancing went on 3 Days and through the night. I think Alistair Manson, Gills lasted longest . Walter Ross and Tommy Mackay was another, These were the 3 men dancing in the photos. A whole lot started but didn't last to end.  Marie Mackenzie lasted a while too I cant remember how long.  Elizabeth Green is dancing in 2 of photos along with Marie.

Uniformed Groups

Thurso Scouts 1968


Early Caithness Cricket Photos

These two early Caithness cricket photos were sent in by Murdo F Tait who used to be known as Murray Tait in his younger days in Wick.  Many of the faces are familiar to Murdo but it is hard to remember that far back.  If anyone else has information about these two photos we will add it to the photos.  Murdo says he is regular visitor to Caithness.org and says perhaps folk in their eighties might remember him.  Lets us know if you do and we will add to this section.  Thanks to Murdo Tait for sending in these excellent photos.

Watten BB Football Team About 1964

George Henderson With Wick Scouts About 1930

Mackays Dance Band

History & Update

The Aces 1961
Picture sent in by Sandy Ryrie
Band names all in.
Do you know who the ladies were?

The Big Snow In Caithness 1955

1st CVA - Do You Know More about This Photo?

Taken at Dunrobin, Golspie in about 1890 of volunteers. The picture is said to be of Caithness volunteers and the small caption on the pint says '8TH. 1ST, C V A GOLSPIE'. This may refer to a camp held there - this was quite common - or may have been a group raised in the area. In George Watson's article he describes those Caithness Artillery Volunteers though does not list this particular group.
See Also
William Adams

Some Wick Swimming Club
But where Was It Taken?

Shellmex Staff Around 1957
Portland Arms Lybster

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1912 Trophies

Landing Herring 1940's

Rechabites - Late 1920's

Fisher Girls - Wick 40's or 50's

Fisher Girls - Wick 40's or 50's

Marie Simpson 1950

Barrock Concert Party

Council & Official Photo's

Wick Girl's Pipe Band - Many Photos

Arion Choir Wick

Wick Junior Choir Reunion

Wick Guides Around 1949

More Guide Pictures

Caithness Sand And Land Yacht Club

Herring Queens

Parish Church Wick Centenary
1830 - 1930

The whole centenary booklet is reproduced here and contains several group and individual photographs


Early Boys Brigade Pictures

Early Boy Scout Pictures

Sports Pictures

Thurso Scouts 1968

Fishing Pictures From Various Periods

Uniformed Groups


Herring Queen Float

Wick Girl's Pipe Band

Christine Gunn 1951

Wick Dance Band

This picture from the early 1930's

Babes In Wood thumb
Babes In the Wood c.1955

William (Bill) Cormack 1934

William Cormack 1934  thumb

11 November 2001
All names in From Betsy Lord herself

Three Names in from John Page - 19  October 2001

Betsy Lord Sewing Class 1

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Pictures are continually being added all over the web site - in schools, churches, galas and many other sections.
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